Our top 6 moments from the last 6 years

Directors at Rollo

We are absolutely delighted to announce that, as of last month, Rollo Developments has completed 6 years of its amazing journey thus far. During this time we’ve experienced an incredible level of growth and have continued to develop our industry knowledge along the way.

Whilst every small step is worth celebrating, we’ve collated our top 6 moments from the last 6 years that stand out as the most memorable across the board. 

Building an amazing trustworthy team. 

Without the amazing team that we have today, we would never have been able to achieve what we have to date. Trustworthiness is an incredible quality to possess and cultivate, and we are utterly thankful to have built a team that can be relied upon by both clients and fellow team members.

At its core, our 6th year anniversary celebration reflects an outstanding procession of the efforts and dedication exerted by our team who have spent quality time ensuring the best service is always offered and expectations are more than met in every single piece of work undertaken. 

Building valuable commercial relationships. 

Through the years we’ve had the incredible privilege of working alongside incredibly talented architects, suppliers, and subcontractors, which has benefited our own learnings whilst also allowing us to showcase our work through extremely well executed designs.

By working alongside leaders in their field, Rollo Developments have grown into a great position where we can inspire and advise on areas where our expertise lies. This has also given us the added benefit of being well connected, allowing us to work with the best in order to produce the best results for our clients. 

The birth of Timbex Creations. 

Opening up our sister company, Timbex Creations, was a momentous occasion for us all as it allowed us to add manufacturing to our portfolio. Being able to offer unparalleled levels of custom-made bespoke joinery from our in-house workshop has been incredibly well received and it has been incredibly rewarding to see our clients’ satisfaction. 

From windows and doors, to staircases and skylights, we were able to add a few strings to our bow through the introduction of our sister company, and can’t wait to see what they’ll continue to produce through the next 6 years and beyond. 

Moving into our new HQ. 

Renovating the old water mill has proved to be incredibly rewarding, for both our HQ team who work there and our clients who visit for consultations. The environment inside is enjoyable for all us all – it’s such a privilege to have our work based in such a beautiful and historic setting. 

Becoming an Edinburgh Trusted Trader. 

Being accepted as an Edinburgh Trusted Trader was an immense success for our team! Vetted by Edinburgh Trading Standards Officers, becoming a Trusted Trader expanded our reach and allowed us to read the glowing reviews from our past clients. With a current 4.9/5 star review, we’re incredibly pleased that our clients have enjoyed working with us as much as we have enjoyed working with them. 

Perfecting and growing our internal management team. 

For a business to truly succeed, communication and internal management is key. Through the years we have very much enjoyed seeing the beneficial fruits of perfecting our internal management, so that our jobs and activities are organised through the division of functions that allow us to reach our common goal as a team.

We thoroughly look forward to our team continuing to grow as the years go on, allowing us to benefit from the skills and talents from more individuals that allow us to accomplish our goals effectively. 

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