The five benefits of having a custom-made staircase

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Redesigning or building a unique space in your home, office, or commercial building can be greatly enhanced when you introduce custom parts to your project.

Custom staircases are great ways to bring character and space to your renovation. A custom staircase is not only functional, providing safe passage from one level of your property to another, it can also be a dramatic and attractive focal point in your home or office. 

We’ve put together five key benefits of choosing a custom staircase.

Number one: Creative aesthetics

Having custom-made stairs as part of your aesthetics can help to solve space problems while adding charm to your property. 

Custom-built stairs can fit most space limitations, from curves to landings and everything in between. Adding architectural uniqueness to your space, custom staircases can be manufactured created to fit into small spaces or add dramatic styles and focal points in your home or office. Designs can be cut and etched to add further character to your chosen style.

Working with a professional custom-stair manufacturer in Edinburgh, such as Timbex Creations, will make sure your staircase turns out exactly how you visioned it and better.

Number two: Increased resale value

A custom-built staircase may cost more upfront to design and install, but the investment can be recouped if you decide to sell your property. 

Custom staircases can attract potential buyers, allow you to increase your asking price, and give an estate agent a strong selling point that could result in more favourable offers.

Number three: Fit and finish options

Rollo Developments and Timbex Creations will build your staircase to the exact specifications of your design and then install it in your property to the highest standard of completion. 

We offer creative and innovative design options, superior craftsmanship, and higher quality materials compared to standard ‘cookie-cutter’ staircases. You can be sure that over time your staircase will retain its value, require minimal to no maintenance, and will not be prone to cracking or coming loose.

The finish of your stairs, risers, and railings are only limited by your imagination, nearly any material can be used, metals, composites, or premium hardwoods. 

All of our stairs are machined with millimetre precision and stamped with the Timbex Seal.

Number four: Fits your room perfectly

A custom-built staircase can fit your room perfectly. This is important because, often, we see premade stairs that are too large or too small, either eating up too much space or not providing enough use. 

Not only will your custom staircase fit, but it can be made with the materials of your choice. This means that if your room has a wooden theme to it, a staircase that utilises that material can really drive it home. 

Number five: Safety and durability

From complex spiral configurations to glass treads and exterior stairs facing the elements, each custom staircase poses its own set of challenges and needs.

From the initial design concept through installation, our team works to make sure each custom stairway and railing is perfectly designed for its space. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and customer satisfaction in each and every project. 

Our comprehensive process includes:

  • Professional job site surveying
  • Measuring services
  • CAD drawings, renderings, and 3D modelling

A beautifully crafted custom stairway design gives a premium feel, welcoming both guests and potential buyers alike.

Ready to start planning a custom staircase?

Staircases can often be difficult to fit into a specific space. Bespoke stairs offer flexibility and more design options than pre-made stairs. Our craftsmen can manufacturer both straight and curved staircases.

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