The benefits of having custom-made furniture in your restaurant

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You’ve just stepped into your bar or restaurant, taken a look around, and decided that it’s time for a little makeover. 

We’re giving you our top tips and advice on renovating your restaurant and five key benefits of choosing custom-made furniture.

Five benefits of choosing custom-made furniture

Number one: Unique style

One of the most significant plus points for restaurants is that custom furniture can fit into their unique style – from classic to industrial and fine dining to an American-style diner. If you want to make sure the interior design of your restaurant fits in with your brand, customising furniture can help you achieve that goal. It can be challenging to source different furniture pieces that complement each other. You can get around this problem by building multiple pieces. In essence, creating your own furniture from scratch is your golden opportunity to share your unique style.

Number two: Practicality

While it may be quicker to buy ready-made furniture, in the long run, it could prove to be an impractical approach. Often, clients are looking for specific functions such as space-saving designs or booth-style seating. With custom furniture, these specific requirements can easily be met. Whether you are looking for set dimensions or a particular material, at Timbex Creations we strive to make your furniture as functional as possible.

Number three: Quality

Working directly with furniture makers gives you the added layer of assurance that the products will be built to last. One of the primary issues with mass-production furniture is its tendency to be made with lower-grade materials and finishes, which means the end product has a limited life-span. Investing the money and time into this collaborative approach pays back in terms of high-quality and longevity. Even with premium brands, custom furniture compares favourably in cost and quality.

Number four: Visual designs

With reputable makers such as Timbex Creations, you can visualize designs before they are built. We have a team of specialist designers who can come up with a 3D graphic of proposed furniture before the final go-ahead. This brings two fundamental benefits.

Firstly, you can easily make tweaks to the final design upon visualisation and achieve the desired outcome. Secondly, by making those changes on a 3D model, it can save you significant costs and headache in the long run. It’s essential in a bespoke project to get the design right, and with technology, we can make sure we get it the right outcome for your restaurant.

Number five: Custom hardware

The other aspect of custom design is the focus on detail. Elements of furniture, such as door handles and feet, can often be overlooked but are crucial to the overall finish. The benefit of working with custom furniture companies is they have the experience, expertise, and resources to supply bespoke designs.

Planning and preparation

Rollo employees chatting through ideas and concepts

When it comes to bars and restaurants, it’s important to create a unique atmosphere for your guests. From chairs, bar stools, benches, and tables, your furniture plays a main role in setting the tone of your restaurant.

Poorly planned renovations are risky and will most definitely have a negative impact on your business. To avoid unwelcome delays (because time is money) have realistic budgets and make sure you have the finances to sustain the refurbishment. 

Remember, plans and designs for custom-made furniture can all be completed and approved before you implement them in your restaurant.

Think of your customers

Rollo employees renovating a property

Think of your clientele and the regular customers to your bar/restaurant. What is it they like about coming to your place? You need to think about these things before choosing the style of your furniture because this will have an effect on the overall feel of your establishment. 

For example, if your place predominantly caters for families with young kids, don’t reinvent your premises to be a hipster bar with a pricey menu. In this example, you might choose to have bespoke circular tables or family booths. 

You can do great refurbishments without displeasing your regulars.

Stay true


Stay true to yourself and the brand; you’ll stand out more if you remain authentic. It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in what the competition is doing, but you should focus on your own unique style. 

Custom-made furniture gives you a chance to try out features you’ve always wanted, such as outdoor seating or a BBQ area.

Bring in professionals

Rollo Developments is a leading name in Edinburgh renovations. Don’t take the risk of trying to do your refurbishment yourself; hiring specialist contractors gives you peace of mind and time to work on the running of your restaurant. 

Timbex Creations is a sister company of Rollo. This in-house manufacturing workshop allows an unparalleled level of custom-made bespoke joinery. We are furniture makers, craftspeople, and highly skilled carpenters. We’re dedicated to making sure we achieve the best possible finish every time.
If you’re planning to revive your restaurant or bar, we can help you achieve your vision. We are a professional construction company and have delivered projects for satisfied clients all across Edinburgh. Get in touch.

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