Mental Health Awareness Month

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to dedicate this month’s blog to shedding light on the importance of looking after the mental health and wellbeing of ourselves and others. 

We understand that we work in busy, demanding environments that can often take a toll on our minds. Mental wellbeing within the construction industry is an issue that we at Rollo Developments seek to be proactive about, that’s why we have instigated several policies to ensure the mental wellbeing of our staff.


Office environment

At Rollo Developments we recognise the importance of having a relaxing and inviting office space. Our office features bright, open spaces with lots of natural light, as well as plenty of plants to improve air quality. 

We have also recently taken it upon ourselves to ensure our office is stocked with fresh fruit so that our employees have easy access to healthy snacks whilst at work. 

Closeup image of a woman close and open a laptop computer on table after finished using it

Email switch off policy

We strongly believe that having a good work – life balance is crucial to reducing stress. Our employees have a right to disconnect when they leave the office (or after their working hours for those who work from home). 

Our email switch off policy means that our employees are not expected to be available via phone or email after their working hours, allowing them to fully rest, relax and recharge at the end of each day. 

Office Dog

It is proven that pets can help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as easing loneliness. Our office dog, Jensen, is always on hand to make everybody’s day that little bit brighter. 

Therapist writing notes during counseling session with single man sitting on couch, panorama, empty space

Access to counselling 

Often the best cure for issues related to mental health, is talking to a professional. Although we are lucky to have access to free healthcare in the UK, waitlists for mental health services are extremely long, meaning it can take months to be seen. We understand the importance of talking when you need help so we have made it our priority that our employees have access to counselling when required. 

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