Home Offices: The trend that’s here to stay

Despite the fact that many, if not all, offices have reopened in the UK, it seems that home offices are a trend that’s here to stay.

The flexibility and amount of time saved, have made many employers and employees recognise that the advantages of remote working often outweigh the difficulties. This has led to a trend of more and more people looking to invest in their homes and renovate to include a practical and efficient home office space. And due to the ongoing popularity of this request we’ve been receiving, we are more than confident that it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

So, what are the main things to consider with this type of renovation project?

Convert or extend?

Whilst many contemporary homes are built with home offices or a study, those living in older homes have two choices to weigh up in their minds: convert an existing unused space to a functional workspace, or extend their home and create a new area. 

Ultimately, your decision will come down to how you need the space to work for you. If your home office is to replace a space you once had in an office block that had a lot of storage at your disposal with many electrical gadgets to hand, you’re probably not going to want to force everything to fit into a space that leaves next to no room for your own desk, chair, and breathing space. Extending may require a bit more cash up front, but with it you’ll get a bespoke area that works perfectly for you, whilst also adding value to your property as a whole. 

Furniture and storage trends for your home office

Finding the perfect desk chair is something many will spend a lot of time, effort, and money on. We know how important it is for our backs and necks to be as comfortable and as protected as possible when sitting down for long periods of time. But do we give as much thought to the other furniture items we use day in, day out? 

Custom storage and customer furniture are an excellent way to ensure that your efficiency and productivity levels stay high. Because, let’s be honest, is there anything worse than not having enough space for all your books? Or not having enough room to start the filing system you know you need in order to keep you organised? 

Timbex Creations is our in-house manufacturing division that allows us to offer bespoke joinery services to all of our wonderful customers. Whether it’s a one-off furniture design or a full design and joinery project, we’re dedicated to making sure we achieve the best possible finish every time.

Lighting and soundproofing your home office

One of the most important aspects for all home offices is the lighting. Whether you have a lot of Zoom calls or whether your work is mainly document based, good lighting is fundamental for your own eye health as well as your overall mood throughout the working day. Adding extra windows and skylights for access to natural light, is a great way to mitigate any drowsiness and headaches that can come from ill-lit rooms. 

Whilst it’s great for many of us to be able to work from home and be near to our families, there’s no shame in admitting that it can be extremely distracting when noises travel into the room where you are trying to concentrate. Soundproofing for your home office is a great way to ensure higher levels of privacy and quiet, whilst still enjoying the benefits of being close to loved ones. 

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