Benefits of a Whole Property Remodel vs Room by Room

Undertaking a whole property renovation can feel like a daunting prospect for anyone who hasn’t carried out a major construction project before. But if you’re someone trying to climb the housing ladder, it’s an important consideration for you to make.

One of the first questions you’ll undoubtedly ask is whether you ought to take on the remodel all at once or room by room. Having undertaken prolific work in the industry, we’ve gathered together the top benefits we see our customers enjoying when they take on a whole property remodel vs doing it room by room over time. 


First off, undertaking a whole house remodel is cost-effective. Whilst initial costs are generally higher than renovating one room at a time, it will save you a lot more money in the long run.

A whole home renovation costs less in the long run because it is efficient. As well as getting everything out of the way at once, it also means the overall labour costs will be lower.

For example, every project has set-up and clean-up costs. To break down your remodel by room means you will end up paying this cost multiple times, whereas it would be more efficient to pay the fee once and have multiple rooms reap the rewards of a refreshed look. 

Seamless, cohesive design 

A whole property remodel produces a seamless, cohesive design throughout the building. For example, if you were to refinish a hardwood floor one room at a time, the colour of the floor will probably not be consistent throughout the property.
This is because stains, sanding, and even humidity can affect how wood is treated. Additionally, if you are planning on laying hardwood flooring in areas that need to be replaced, purchasing at different times can affect the consistency of the materials – in terms of quality as well as aesthetics. 

Whereas whole property remodels allow you, or your interior designer, to create a consistent look for each room. This gives the house a better flow and a much more cohesive feel. 


A whole property renovation is the perfect time to customise your living space and take advantage of the latest in smart home tech. The smart home market is on the rise, and many companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years are starting to offer products that integrate seamlessly into the design of a house.

Implementing such technology on a staggered schedule, however, will impede the finished result. This is because a seamless finish requires knowledge of the whole property and the ways in which the tech will be utilised in each room. Installing it on a room by room basis may lead to a disjointed system that doesn’t work as well altogether as it possibly could. This may not be a cause for annoyance at the beginning, but over time people begin to get frustrated that their home tech isn’t as intuitive as it could be. 

Added whole property value

Renovating your home has the potential to boost the return on investment (ROI) – for example, wood decks, window replacement, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades tend to generate the highest ROIs.
Selling your home for more than you paid for it will usually require a bit of work for it to pay off well. Whole property renovations are the best option in this case as it will bring you nearer to the point of selling and moving up the ladder at a quicker rate than if you were to remodel each room individually. 

Discuss your options 

Deciding on a renovation can be a stressful and costly endeavour, but we prefer to see it as an exciting opportunity. Renovating your home can have a positive impact on your life and family and we’re happy to help weigh in and discuss options.
Talk to our team today and move one step closer towards the home of your dreams.

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